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How did MEDIANGREEN get started?

In late 2006, founder Susanne Blodgett sent out a call for volunteers. She hoped that others were also discouraged by the neglected look of our medians and were willing to help find a solution.

A dozen residents became part of the original Green Valley Beautification Committee under the umbrella of the Green Valley Community Coordinating Council (GVCCC).

Many of those same people are still involved on the MedianGreen steering committee. By October of 2007 it had became apparent that the organization needed to become a non-profit 501(c) 3 corporation and that status was granted. MedianGreen was then launched as an independent corporation.

In order to help start the organization on its financial way, GVCCC offered a matching $25,000 challenge grant. By the end of 2007 that challenge had been met and MedianGreen was on its way.

What does “Sponsorship” mean?

Sponsors pay to replant a specific median. Their investment earns them the right to signage on that median for three years plus public recognition. For more information and a list of our sponsors, go to the Sponsor page.

Is there a memorial program?

Yes. Our Memorial Tree program allows you to sponsor a tree that will include an engraved plaque affixed to a nice boulder placed beneath "your" tree. The cost for that is $500. If you wish to do more, we can work with you to design a special feature area on one of our medians that would include a plaque and boulder as well. Call us.

A donation to MedianGreen is a good way to remember and honor a loved one or admired friend. Remember that all donations are tax deductible.

What does it mean to “Adopt” a median?

Adopters are the guardians of a specific median. These volunteers water, weed and oversee the health of the plants. Adopters are needed for both replanted and yet-to-be-beautified medians. For more information and a list of our adopters go to the Adopters page.

Do the volunteers do the planting?

No. The design, supervision and care are undertaken by the volunteers, but the actual planting is done by professional contractors. It is difficult work that requires specialized equipment, experience, and strong backs, something most of our volunteers lack!

Can you adopt a median that has not yet been replanted?

Absolutely! Through our Adopt-A-Median program we partner with homeowner associations, other organizations, businesses or individuals who are interested in improving the medians and/or roadsides near their homes. These volunteers undertake to do maintenance more often than Pima County's budget covers. If we want our community to look well cared-for, we have a program that allows us to help ourselves. All volunteers are given safety training, a safety vest, and sign liability waivers. If you wish to add some plants to "your" median or roadside, MedianGreen will review your plans and help you achieve the needed beautification. (There are road design rules that must be followed.)

How can you help?

Donations are always needed. For more information go to the Donations page.

Volunteers to Adopt-a-Median are welcome. For more information on adoption go to the Adoption page.

Sponsors pay the majority of the costs to replant and beautify a median. For more information on sponsorships go to the Sponsor page.

Committee members are the heart of this effort. If you would like to help us continue to move forward we would like to talk with you. Please go to the Contact page.