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Who does the watering?

Our wonderful volunteers are part of the Adopt-A-Median program. Each median, whether on a drip system or cistern, requires volunteers to be its guardians.

These volunteers visit their adopted median once or twice per week, depending on the weather. They turn on and off the drip system, check all the lines and emitters, and observe the health of the plants.

The hardy volunteers who have adopted medians with cisterns carry buckets of water to each plant.

How do you get water to the plants?

Originally, when these medians were planted by the developers, there was a drip system. When Pima County took over the ownership of the medians, the supply was cut off. Some plants were unable to survive and over time the medians began to look barren. Whenever possible, MedianGreen has revived those drip systems, putting in meters, back flow devices, and new lines. In some cases the old supply lines were cut during road work and cannot be used. In those instances MedianGreen has purchased large cisterns and the watering is done by hand by volunteers.

The water for the drip systems is provided by MedianGreen. The water for the cisterns is provided by the Community Water Company. The water for those cisterns is delivered by the Green Valley Fire District using their pumping trucks. This is truly a community partnership!

In the case of the cisterns, those special volunteers fill their buckets and hand-deliver water to each plant. The plants that have been selected are hardy, native types that should do well in our Sonoran Desert region. This tender loving care will continue for a period of two years, after which time the plants are expected to survive unaided.

The adopters are homeowner associations, residents of those HOA’s, or local groups. At this time many of the medians have been retired as the plants have become established and are expected to survive on their own. Many groups of adopters on this list are now retired too!
  • Alamos HOA
  • Bob Venuti
  • Busy Bee Printers
  • Canoa Estates
  • Canoa Estates II
  • Canoa Ranch NW
  • Canoa Ranch Vistas
  • Canoa Ridge
  • Canoa Vistas
  • Canyon View
  • Carol Copeland
  • Carolyn Bishop
  • Casa Paloma I
  • Chet Swacha
  • Community Performing Arts Center
  • Continental Vistas
  • Country Club Estates
  • Green Valley Cyclists
  • Daryl & Mary Lindblom
  • Desert Casitas
  • Desert Hills Estates
  • Desert Hills Townhomes
  • Desert Meadows I
  • Dick Anderson
  • Esperanza Estates
  • Fairways
  • Gene Vandyken
  • Green Valley Casitas
  • Green Valley Gardeners
  • Green Valley Lions Club
  • Green Valley Rotary
  • Jack & Bonnie Brennan
  • Jack Sharrock
  • Jim Campbell
  • Karen Jones
  • La Canada Desert Homes I
  • La Posada
  • Linda & Ted Hoeger
  • MedianGreen
  • Mike & Carol Hoag
  • Nancy Engel
  • Ned Bleuer
  • Portillo Place
  • Richard & Judy Watson
  • Richard & Nancy Borstad
  • Roger Skyja
  • Ron Letsch
  • San Ignacio Heights
  • San Ignacio Vistas
  • San Ignacio Vistas II
  • Townhouse VI
  • Villas East
  • Villas West

Program Highlights: Adopt-a-Median is a program that allows groups, HOA’s or other organizations to become the guardians of a particular median. After safety training approved by Pima County, the volunteers will be responsible for watering and caring for the plants for a period of 2 years until they are established.

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